How we compute the world around us through thoughts and feelings has a direct affect in how we navigate and perceive it. With that we seek to help overthinkers reframe their thought process through guided introspection. Paired with a platform that helps users understand how they feel, we sought to create a solution that ties directly into one's emotional wellbeing and building an understanding the effect of your thoughts.


Emotional Wellbeing Device & App


Group Project with Nicola Brandon, Jackson Bryan, Drew Murray & Jahi Thomas


20 weeks

The Problem Space

Overthinkers dwell on pre-concieved negative perceptions that reinforce unwanted behaviors.

Our Solution

A device to help overthinkers attain a more realistic perception of their image and social interactions by reframing their thought process. Achieved through guided introspection, and the visualization convoluted thoughts and emotions.

We can help with that

Ponder is a device that encourages guided introspection and visualizes convoluted thoughts and emotions. Using an array of sensors, Ponder can determine the emotions you feel and guide negative thoughts into constructive, positive ones. Data collected gives users insights on how they feel and why they feel certain emotions.

Guiding thoughts and emotion

Sessions allow you to work through your thoughts, one at a time. Using conversational UI, you are guided through ideas to reframe them. Questions are intelligently generated through a combination of your vocal responses and the emotions you feel while answering.

A chance to reflect

After you complete a Session, the Stone showcases a visualization of the emotions you felt throughout the Session and the questions/responses that triggered them. Each emotion is tied to a color, educating the user of what emotions are tied to what thoughts.

An intelligent array of sensors

Ponder Stone uses a variety of sensors that measure things such as your heart rate, sweat composition, and skin temperature to allow us to understand your feelings during each session. Sensors are placed on the bottom so the Ponder Stone can read these different data points as you hold the Stone through a session.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Photoplethysmogram (PPG)
Electrodermal Responses (EDR)
Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
Infrared Skin Temperature Sensor

Understand your emotional wellbeing

With our paired app, a complete emotional profile is built around you and becomes more abundant with information as you complete more Sessions. This allows for a deep understanding of how you feel.

See your growth and your journey

Dive into each emotion and track how feelings fluctuate based on day, time, and even weather. This allows you to reflect and dive deep into why you feel specific ways.

Always more ways to help

Ponder does more than work with your thoughts but also offers intuitive exercises for your emotions, a way to quickly express your thoughts no matter where you are, and the opportunity to plug your therapist into our platform for them to get updates on your emotional wellbeing to offer better care.

Our Process

Tap the button below to download our process book with an in-depth view on our research and how we landed on our final designs & features.

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