The home keeps getting smarter, and with that we a more tied to our phones in living spaces in order to control it. With Guide, we created a concept of what it would be like if the universal remote got a makeover tuned for the smart home. Controlling all your IoT devices with innovative interaction through extending the screen through multiple remotes, gesture controlled stands, and room aware interfaces.


Smart Home IoT Remote


Group Project with Dane Galbraith and Kajal Boghara


10 weeks

The Problem

Everything on the market for home is currently “smart,” how can we create a device that connects a plethora of these smart 3rd party home devices and make them not only smart, but also carry the essence of making home feel like home

Our Solution

How might we connect a plethora of smart home devices who all speak different languages into a single unified visual control interface.

The remote: refreshed

With the goal of making home feel more like home, we wanted to free user's from the weight of their phone. Interaction with all your devices now have a dedicated platform that can be placed anywhere around the home, for quick access to all your smart devices without having to dig through your phone's apps

A unified experience

There's truly an app for everything nowadays, but with that comes a million different ways to control the same thing. Having two different lightbulbs shouldn't mean two totally different apps. With Guide, we sought to create a seamless experience across the interface to make controlling each device a unified experience.

Dock to no dock

When the remote is placed in the wireless charging dock, it turns into a landscape viewing mode. This allows for a more consumption based interface, giving the homeowner information at a quick glance. The dock is also outfitted with motion detecting sensors, enabling hands free use.

Built around you, not vice versa

As you move around your home, the remote pings location hubs placed in specific rooms allowing for the interface to adapt to the devices currently around you. This allows for more fluid interaction and showing you exactly what you want to see, when you want to see it

Connection is powerful

Connect two Guide's together and have an enhanced experience with those in your home with you. By using a fingerprint sensor built into the side, profiles are loaded onto the remote once picked up. Once connected, the remote will show recommendations that are related to both user's interests on their profile.

Our Process

Tap the button below to look inside our process book with an in-depth view on our research and how we landed on our final designs & features.

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