Finding the right workplace for you can be an intimidating task difficult to navigate. You can see reviews for different companies, and connect with the people who could potentially hire you, but there's no way to see the ecosystem and culture of a company. With Bridge we strived to develop a platform to connect you with your future co-workers.


Workplace Networking Platform


Group Project with Alex Sanders, Elly Morris, Katie Connelly, Kierra Byrd


5 weeks

The Problem

It’s not hard to know what you want to do in this world, it’s hard to know where you want to do it.

Our Solution

A networking platform to find the right workplace for you. Creating an inviting atmosphere that connects professionals with people in their desired fields.

Up Close & Personal

Bridge showcases companies for who they really are, allowing for you to get a peak into their culture and connect with the people you'll be working with not for.

People Matter

Your Story Makes a Difference
Companies matched to you, not your resume

Our Process

From the beginning, our group knew we wanted to re-think how to approach finding a job and mentorship. We hit the ground running and immediately put out a survey to get user insight on experiences with job searching and networking. We received 65 responses

Do you find it difficult to network with people higher up in the field?
You you use any networking platforms like Linkedin, Glassdoor, etc?
What are some common challenges you face when job searching? Check all that apply

What attracts you to a companies culture?

"How do they treat their people? Is it an easy going work environment?"

Recent graduate

Age 23-29

If you could ask anything to a leader in your field, what would you ask?

“How do I balance personal life with a time consuming work life?”


Age 17-22

Key Interview Insights
People who are new to an industry feel nervous or unsure in their career path.
No networking apps bring light to a company’s culture + employees.
Communication is often the bridge to building authentic connections but insecurities + self doubt often get in the way.

With data collected and a series of insights, we landed on the audience we wished to target people in transition. These were people who were changing their career paths, transitioning from young adult into adult, and the migration from student to workforce. With this direction, we developed our persona and user journey

State Diagram
New User Journey
Our Impact
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